On March 14, we hosted the Housing For All Summit. The goal of the Summit was to bring awareness to the negative impact being cost-burdened has on households and develop solutions to this problem. UWRI gathered a diverse group of community members to ask them, “How can we ensure that all Rhode Islanders have access to housing that is safe, healthy, and affordable?” More information about what we learned at the event can be found in the Housing For All Summit Report.

At UWRI, we believe there is great value in the ideas that were generated at the Summit. Along with our partners at Bank of America and National Grid, we have committed $150,000 to implement ideas and strategies that were proposed by the participants at the Housing For All Summit. Through this request for proposal (RFP), we are asking community partners to help us carry out the ideas that were generated at the event. The grant cycle for this RFP is September 2016 to August 2017.

We will consider proposals for the following types of projects/programs that are listed in the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Housing For All Fund:

Community Coalition Building Fund

The Community Coalition Building Fund is to assist organizations, groups, and community advocates who are seeking to build, organize, and convene a community coalition that, once organized, will address housing affordability in our community.

Community Engagement Fund

The goal of supporting community engagement at the grassroots level is to 1) build a movement of advocates that will bring attention to the challenges to attaining affordable housing, and 2) to become a driving force behind prioritizing the issue within the Rhode Island community.

The Destigmatizing Affordable Housing Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support campaign efforts that lead to the destigmatization of housing affordability in the state of RI, with the goal of ensuring that the public understands the benefits of affordable and mixed income housing within their own communities.

Next Steps

  1. Get the full RFP for detailed descriptions of the fund and further steps.
  2. Begin the application process here.
  3. Turn in proposal by July 22. Proposals received after July 22, will not be considered for funding.

Questions? Please contact Naomi Leipold at Naomi.Leipold@uwri.org.