We provided $12.5 million in 2014-15.

What goes in goes right back out to proven programs that provide critical services in our community. See where your gifts are headed.

Learning Through Life

  • Afterschool program grants: $450,000
  • Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative: $505,000
  • Early Childhood Education program grants: $392,000
  • Support for technical and training programs: $847,000
  • Financial opportunity programs that help adults learn how to manage and save money: $562,000
  • Grants that support VITA and EITC: $211,000

Basic Supports

  • Programs that help individuals and families with basic needs, including managing a temporary crisis by providing food and shelter: $573,000
  • Support for programs that address temporary and permanent housing: $874,000
  • Support for programs that provide health services: $90,000

A Deeper Look at Where the Money Goes: