Executive Committee

Anne M. Ciresi, FM Global

Anne Marie D’Attelo, AIPSO

Liz Goodermote, Enterprise Holdings

Ann Goudreau, FM Global

Lisa Guillette, Foster Forward — Chair

Petra Jenkins, General Mills — Vice Chair

Maryclaire Knight, Knight Consulting, LLC

Mary Kay Koreivo, Bank of America

Margaret Lawlor Lamb, Bank of America

Betsey Purinton, StrategicPoint Investment Advisors

Barbara Silvis

Melanie Waterman, FM Global

Join a Committee

Are you looking to get further involved with the Women’s Leadership Council? Join a committee. The committees meet bimonthly and are all in need of volunteers. Committees are open to WLC members who are looking to donate their time and talents to our work. For more information or to volunteer on a committee, contact the committee chair or Natalia Lima.

Executive Committee

Chair: Lisa Guillette

The Women’s Leadership Council Executive Committee is responsible for the overall direction of WLC, ensuring that it aligns with United Way of Rhode Island’s mission and strategic goals. The Committee provides leadership on the strategic direction, and management of WLC events, volunteer activities, and fundraising initiatives. Membership to this committee is by invitation only. Each member will serve for a two-year, renewable term, attend Executive Committee meetings, and serve on a sub-committee.

Membership Committee

Chair: Mary Kay Koreivo

The Membership Committee develops and manages an annual membership campaign that recruits new WLC members and collaborates on membership activities.  The committee is also responsible for welcoming new WLC members.

Events Committee

Chair: Anne Ciresi

The Events Committee works with United Way staff to create and manage the WLC events calendar and all WLC events to support WLC activities and membership goals.  The committee helps engage current and prospective members and contributes to WLC’s fundraising and friendraising goals.

Volunteer Engagement Committee

Chair: Maryclaire Knight

The Volunteer Engagement Committee identifies volunteer opportunities to support the goals of WLC. The committee ensures that all members are educated about WLC’s mission, and works with United Way staff to manage all volunteer activities in support of our work.