A Conversation with Women’s Leadership Council’s Amy Daley

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Growing with Women’s Leadership Council.

Women’s Leadership Council recently wrapped up its WLC Challenge, a fundraising campaign created to help Rhode Island children by funding summer learning programs, and it was a success. While announcing the campaign in October, during United Way of Rhode Island’s Annual Celebration, WLC pledged to match the amount donated up to $50,000. Due to the generosity of those who gave, the original goal was surpassed by $6,503; after WLC’s match, the total donated to help children in the Ocean State is $113,006. I had the opportunity to speak with WLC member Amy Daley about the success of the challenge, what’s next for the Council, and more.

Jason: How did you first get involved with Women’s Leadership Council?

Amy: Many of my coworkers at FM Global are involved with WLC and recommended that I join. I came aboard because my goal was to work full time and still give back to the community, WLC offered a great way to do that while affording me professional networking opportunities. WLC was just a great fit for me.

Jason: Recently the WLC Challenge exceeded its $50,000 goal, instead raising $56,503. WLC matched the full amount raised, bringing the total donation to RI summer learning programs to $113,006. How is WLC’s charitable work important to you?

Amy: Working to better the lives of children is always important, but addressing childhood literacy also ensures that our state will be stronger in the long run. It will help create a robust economy with better paying jobs which increases the likelihood that more people will stay in the state. I believe that by supporting the children we are investing in ourselves.

Jason: What can we expect from WLC in the near future?

Amy: We will continue to make a lasting difference through our fundraising efforts and we will continue to bring awareness to important issues such as childhood literacy. In addition, I’m looking for opportunities to get out into the community and make more hands-on contributions.

Jason: Are there any events coming up that people should know about?

Amy: Absolutely! In March, our Young Minds in Motion initiative begins at libraries around the state. This program introduces children to the STEM. fields [science, technology, engineering, math] and emphasizes their importance. We also have a fundraiser coming up on March 29 called the Power of the Purse.

Jason: Will the Power of the Purse event be open to the public?

Amy: Invitations go out to WLC members [as well as guests], but we are encouraged to spread the word and get as many people as we can to attend. WLC events are always a lot of fun, and during Power of the Purse we will be raffling off high-end purses and other prizes. If people would like to attend, they must register online.

Jason: What would you say to women who want to get involved in their communities and are considering joining WLC?

Amy: I would tell them that joining is a win-win, because you build your professional network while giving back. Through WLC I have had the opportunity to work with so many high-energy, thoughtful, generous people, while at the same time helping children and the future of our state.

Jason: Finally, what has the effect of belonging to WLC been on your life?

Amy: It has helped me grow by rounding out and balancing my life as a professional, a working mother, and someone who helps the community. I feel more well-rounded by learning different skills outside of my professional job; WLC has really been about growth for me.

Jason: Thank you for your time and for all the great work you’ve done with Women’s Leadership Council.


WLC members volunteer in classrooms, organize book drives, advocate for important issues, and attend networking events. WLC events and volunteer opportunities are a great way to meet like-minded women who are hands-on and committed to enhancing the lives of others.

If you are interested in finding out more about Women’s Leadership Council please e-mail Natalia Lima at natalia.lima@uwri.org.

Interview By: Jason Boulay, UWRI,  Communication Coordinator, Strategic Marketing & Communications