A Hand Up

Sometimes it’s all it takes.

Sue, a single mother of three, decided to give her children a better life than she had known. She created a resume, began interviewing, and was hired as a receptionist by a small Cranston business.

Finding a job meant she no longer qualified for the benefits her family once depended on, but Sue didn’t mind, she was happy to be working.

Unfortunately, she lost her job a few months later when the 2008 recession dealt a devastating blow to the economy. Being new to the workforce, Sue did not qualify for unemployment benefits. The late bills piled up as she desperately searched for another job.

With her electricity in danger of being shut off, she called United Way of Rhode Island 2-1-1 — they directed her to Good Neighbor Energy Fund. Her request for energy assistance was approved; this allowed her to keep the electricity on as she searched for a new job — which she found three months later.

For over three decades, Rhode Islanders have been keeping their neighbors warm by giving to Good Neighbor Energy Fund. You can help families, like Sue’s, stay warm this winter by making a gift today.

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