Interview: Why FM Global Gives Back

A perfect partnership — FM Global and United Way of Rhode Island

Last fall I joined United Way’s Strategic Marketing and Communications team. Before joining Communications, I worked with our Resource Development team for three years. During this time, I provided support for United Way Workplace Campaigns and built relationships with campaign leaders throughout our state. Even though names and faces changed over the years, one thing remained consistent—Rhode Islanders’ commitment to helping their neighbors.

FM Global exemplifies this commitment. Headquartered in Johnston, they’re Rhode Island’s largest private company and one of the world’s largest commercial property insurers. Our partner for more than 75 years, FM Global has raised a collective total of more than $75 million through their United Way Workplace Campaign.

Shortly after my transition to Communications, I interviewed FM Global’s senior communications consultant, Amy Carbone, about her experience as the company’s United Way Committee Chair.

Alicia: What within FM Global’s culture lends itself to altruism? What impresses you most about FM Global’s commitment to helping others in partnership with United Way of Rhode Island?

Amy: We’re a very purpose-driven organization. FM Global is unique in the insurance industry because we are focused on helping our clients prevent loss so they can be more resilient. United Way is also all about prevention and making a difference. Collectively, we understand the value of making individuals, communities, and businesses stronger.

What impresses me most is that as the years go by, our employees continue to be more and more generous with their donations, and FM Global continues to support them in their philanthropic goals with the two-to-one match.

Alicia: What causes does FM Global care about?

Amy: We tend to support causes that align well with our business and loss prevention philosophy. For example, our Fire Prevention Grant Program offers financial support to organizations working to combat fire.

Alicia: FM Global’s 2019 United Way Campaign theme was “Cosmic Giving: Make Your Giving Out of This World!” How did FM Global’s United Way Committee choose events for the campaign? Were they successful?

Amy: Year after year, we repeat events that have proven successful in the past — for example, grab bags, theme baskets, denim days, and silent auctions. We also add new events to keep the campaign fresh. Often, these new events have something to do with our campaign theme.

For example, last year, we planned an outer space-themed Hollywood Squares game show to tie into our Cosmic Giving Campaign. In 2017, we hosted a lip sync battle to tie into our Decades Music Campaign.

Last year’s events were extremely successful. At the conclusion of the special events program, we presented a check in the amount of $234,297 to Cortney Nicolato, president and CEO of United Way of Rhode Island. We even introduced a new text-to-give/mobile giving program, which raised $1,100 in one hour.

Alicia: What is the United Way Committee’s 2020 campaign goal?

Amy: To bring in more donors and exceed the 2019 campaign — which raised a record-breaking $2.4 million in employee, retiree, and corporate giving.

Many thanks to Tom Lawson, chairman and CEO of FM Global, Amy Carbone, and all other FM Global employees for their generosity. We look forward to continuing our partnership with FM Global in pursuit of our purpose: Changing lives and strengthening our community, together.

Interested in starting a United Way Campaign at your workplace? Contact Mary Jane Silva, Vice President, Director of New Account Development.

By: Alicia Schubert, Communications Coordinator, Strategic Marketing and Communications