Dante F. Mollo Labor Award Recipient, Providence Teacher’s Union

Beyond the Classroom Door.

Many people point to teachers as having influenced them; some even credit them for having a hand in their success. As for the teachers who make up the Providence Teacher’s Union, giving back does not end at the classroom door; their continued support for United Way of Rhode Island’s mission makes a difference in the lives of people across the state.

Every year, Rhode Island labor unions choose the recipient of the Dante F. Mollo Labor Award. We then present the award during our Annual Celebration; this year that’s the Providence Teacher’s Union, who’s being represented by their President, Maribeth Calabro, at our upcoming event on Thursday, October 10.

Looking back to the beginning of the union’s work with United Way, Maribeth says, “When we first started hosting a workplace campaign, some teachers would give and some wouldn’t. It continued like that for a while, until they saw the impact their donations were having — that’s when things changed.”

“Our teachers give generously to causes close to their heart,” says Maribeth. “At the same time, it’s important to know where their donations are being used. With United Way of Rhode Island, you always know where one hundred percent of your money goes.”

The inclination of the teachers to give back is visible in all aspects of their work; a trait they hope to instill in their students. Amazed by the generosity of the teachers, Maribeth says, “They do so much for others, including raising $5,000 for Puerto Rico after the hurricane, giving money to a local family following a tragedy, and supporting families every prom season through our Providence Princess Initiative.”

Maribeth is honored to accept this award on behalf of men and women she admires, “I’m proud of my teachers; they come to school every day focused on teaching their students, who are Rhode Island’s future,” she says. “What could be more important than that?”

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By: Jason Boulay,
Project Manager, Digital Media Marketing,
United Way of Rhode Island