United Way Supports The Governor’s Budget, FY21

A Message From Cortney Nicolato, President & CEO.

United Way of Rhode Island is thrilled to see that Governor Gina Raimondo’s FY21 budget contains many critical investments that will help our Rhode Island neighbors have a more prosperous future.

We believe that every family deserves a home that they can reasonably afford, that every worker should take home a paycheck that at least covers their basic needs, and that every child and adult should have access to a life-changing education. We need to set every Rhode Islander up for success; in doing so, we’re not only investing in our people but also in our economy.

We are pleased that the Governor’s proposed budget included these investments:

  • A permanent funding stream to develop and maintain affordable housing units.
  • An increase in the minimum wage, as well as Earned Income Tax Credits.
  • Additional investments in education, emphasizing support for Dual Language Learners and adding 750 more Pre-K student seats.
  • Expansion of Real Jobs RI, which supports workforce development.

As our legislators develop the state’s next budget, we encourage them to view these critical resources as the life-altering supports they are, instead of simply thinking in terms of dollars and cents. Over the next few months, we look forward to collaborating with the Rhode Island House of Representatives and the Senate to build a better tomorrow for all Rhode Islanders.

Putting Community First.

Our support for the Governor’s budget aligns with our 93-year history of working on behalf of all Rhode Islanders. In recent months, United Way of Rhode Island facilitated more than 45 Community FIRST Conversations, small meetings held throughout the state where Rhode Islanders voiced their concerns and shared the changes they’d like to see.

During these conversations, Rhode Islanders described a state where everyone has safe and affordable housing, a livable wage, high-quality education, and job training that not only supports the opportunities of today but also prepares people for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Above all, we heard that Rhode Islanders want to break the cycle of generational poverty that has devastated our communities, harmed our families, and damaged our state for far too long.

Thank you, Governor Raimondo, for a budget that invests in our future.

We encourage all Rhode Islanders to contact their state representatives in support of a continuous funding stream for affordable housing. Let them know you agree that all Rhode Islanders deserve a safe, affordable place to call home.