401Gives Raises $1.1 Million For Local Nonprofits


  • 24 hours
  • 364 organizations
  • 7,106 donors
  • $1,190,903 raised

“If there’s one thing that’s evident, it’s the sense of community.”


In a sign of unity that will impact the lives of tens of thousands of their neighbors, Rhode Islanders came together on April 1st to raise more than $1 million in one day. 401Gives lifted the nonprofit community at a time when support — financial and emotional — was needed more than ever.

“This is a hard time for Rhode Island. There’s so much uncertainty with the pandemic,” said Cortney Nicolato, president and CEO of United Way Rhode Island. “If there’s one thing that’s evident, it’s the sense of community.”

“We are beyond grateful for our community’s incredible generosity in support of the essential work of our state’s nonprofits. In Rhode Island, we help each other, and never has that been more evident than it was throughout the 401Gives campaign.”

Why 401Gives?

Every day in Rhode Island, 18% of our workforce goes to work in a nonprofit. Nonprofits keep our neighbors safe and warm, they protect our environment, care for our grandparents, educate our kids, shelter our pets, and organize community events.

During natural disasters and other crisis moments – including COVID-19 – the nonprofit community steps up to help our family members and neighbors in need. Their stories deserve to be told, and their work merits the community’s financial support.

The number 401 is special. It’s far more than an area-code, it’s a symbol that represents our neighborhoods, communities, and connections. 401Gives became more than a day, it’s now a movement to show our unified support of the nonprofit community.

Modeled after successful giving days in other parts of the country, 401Gives made it easy for nonprofits to share their stories and collect donations through GiveGab, a secure fundraising platform.


Lead Sponsors

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island
  • FM Global

Matching Gift Sponsor

  • The Rhode Island Foundation

Prize Sponsors

  • Brave River Solutions
  • Centreville Bank
  • Citrin Cooperman
  • Cox Communications
  • National Grid
  • Oak Street Health
  • Otraway
  • Zennovation Fund & Lorne Adrian

Media Partners

  • Rhode Island Broadcasters Association
  • RDW
  • Big Blue Bug Solutions

401Gives. It’s more than a day, it’s a movement.