Deep Dive: Rhode Island Recovers

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Helping Rhode Island recover.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, United Way of Rhode Island is taking steps to balance support for urgent community concerns with strategies for moving toward recovery and resilience. Recognizing the immense needs in our state — as well as the underlying pandemics of racism and social inequality that COVID-19 has revealed — we created the Rhode Island Recovers fund to support nonprofits helping their communities rebuild.

More specifically, priority was given to:

  • Efforts that are led by or benefit communities of color or other vulnerable groups.
  • Nonprofits with limited philanthropic support.
  • Communities most impacted by COVID-19.

More than 160 grant applications, totaling $878,359, were received. 47 grants, totaling $600,000, were awarded.

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While the request for proposals was open to nonprofits located throughout Rhode Island, the majority of grantees are located in Providence County.

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Board Diversity

Grantees with boards comprised of 50% or more BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) were awarded $167,000, or 28% of the total amount awarded.

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Leadership Diversity

Grantees with senior leadership comprised of 60% or more BIPOC were awarded $202,000, or 33.7% of the total amount awarded.

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Funding Needs

Maintaining staff is a top priority for Rhode Island Recovers grantees. Of the total amount requested, $450,347 (51.5%) was requested for personnel; $290,782 (33.2%) for direct client services; and $133,772 (15.2%) for operational support.

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Funding Needs Ranked

Among grantees, the top funding needs were operational (including personnel), community assistance, and multiple community needs.

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Services Provided

Grantees deliver a variety of services to communities in Providence County and throughout the state. The top services provided include children and youth education, adult education and workforce development, and advocacy.

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United Way of Rhode Island’s Community Impact Fund powers life-changing programs throughout our state.

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