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More than a day. It's a movement.

Join us in 2021

April 1, 2020, was an important day for Rhode Island. Nonprofits from across the state participated in the first 401Gives, Rhode Island's largest statewide day of giving.

In just 24 hours, 7,097 Rhode Islanders donated more than $1.1 million to support 364 local nonprofits.

Now what? Well, that's easy, we start getting ready for next year's 401Gives. Soon, we'll begin planning for April 1, 2021. Until then, remember that Rhode Island is stronger because you helped make 401Gives more than just a day... you helped make it a movement.

If you'd like to be included in the next 401Gives as a nonprofit or sponsor, please contact 401gives@uwri.org

It's more than a day. It's a movement.

Marching Toward



At a Glance


  • It begins at 6am on April 1, 2021.

  • All donations over $5 are accepted.

  • United Way does not collect any fees.

  • Sponsors pay all administration costs.

  • For Rhode Islanders, by Rhode Islanders.


  • Total Nonprofits: 300.

  • Average Donation: $50.

  • Total Raised: $1 Million.

  • Total Number of Donations: 20,000.

  • Average Raised per Nonprofit: $3,333. 

Benefits to Participating Nonprofits

Raise Money

Nonprofits across the country increase their fundraising by joining similar giving days.

Donor Privacy

Donor info collected remains yours; it's not shared with United Way.

Tell Your Story

Use the platform to show off your agency's success and hard work.

Spend Wisely

There are no fees to join; United Way covers the cost of the platform.

New Donors

Joining a statewide giving movement means that more donors will find you.

Prize Money

The challenges, raffles, and prize money are open to all nonprofits.


Get More Information


Get More Information.

Join us to celebrate Rhode Island's nonprofit community and raise awareness for the great work each agency does.