We are committed to building and sustaining a high-performance culture. According to Thomas Crane in his book, The Heart of Coaching, organizations that consistently achieve high performance are supported by cultures that exhibit the following traits:

  1. They are on a clear course. Everyone knows in what direction the organization is moving and everyone is purposefully moving in the same direction.
  2. Team members demonstrate a high sense of commitment to the organization, the team and one another.
  3. Communications among team members are extremely effective in promoting learning and focused on forwarding the action.
  4. The character of the organization is defined by members’ behaviors being congruent with the organization’s stated shared values.
  5. The organization and the employees in it are open to, and comfortable with, change. The organization anticipates, responds, and adapts creatively when changes are desired.
  6. There is a spirit of collaboration among the organization’s members, as the operative way of interacting in functional and cross-functional teams.
  7. Coaching is practiced up, down, and across the organization.

Through a series of professional development seminars and workshops, networking and cross-functional project teams, we support our employees as they strive to make our mission a reality, foster and practice open and direct communication, and achieve our operational objectives.

We also feel it’s important that everyone understands the full the scope of our mission, our priorities, our work, and how all the pieces fit together. To that end, we established our Connection to Work initiative. Simply stated, our employees have the opportunity to get involved in aspects of our operation that fall outside of their role and responsibilities. This approach helps employees see the “big picture” and fosters mutual understanding and a more fully integrated approach to helping people in need.