Rhode Island Recovers Opportunity Grants (RFP)

Get more information and apply today.

COVID-19 Response Fund Grants

For local nonprofits with direst service programs impacted by COVID-19.

2016‒2019 Grant Cycle

Our 2016‒2019 grant cycle is a competitive grant process that will award $4 million per year to three funds.

Event Sponsorship

Each year we dedicate limited funds to sponsor select nonprofit events throughout Rhode Island.

Housing For All Fund

We’re asking community partners to help us carry out the ideas that were generated at the Housing For All Summit.

Olneyville Community Fund

As neighbors in Olneyville, we believe in investing in the community we call home.

Summer Learning Initiative 2016‒2019

Summer learning loss: we’re looking to invest in programs that combat it.

VITA Program Funding

As part of a comprehensive strategy under our Basic Supports goal, we fund VITA sites across the state.