Important changes you need to know about.

In the upcoming 2020-2023 grant cycle, all summer learning grantees will be selected from the same four Rhode Island communities.

This focused effort will result in a greater overall impact, as it allows us to invest a total of approximately $550,000 each year (a maximum of $150,000 per community) into building connections and mitigating long-term summer learning loss.

Why summer learning loss?

Regardless of socioeconomic status, summer learning loss causes young Rhode Islanders to lose an average of two months of grade-level math over the summer. In addition, students from families who earn a lower income also experience a loss of up to two months of reading achievement. [1]

This results in teachers losing valuable class time in September, as they must reteach material already covered. When compounded, summer learning loss accounts for much of the achievement gap that exists between students whose families earn a lower income and those whose families earn a higher income.

Request for proposal

With foundational support from Hasbro, the 2020-2023 summer learning initiative grants place a strong emphasis on building a culture of collaboration. Young Rhode Islanders benefit when their programs, school districts, community partners, and families work together.

  • The application deadline is Tuesday, December 17, 2019.
  • The full RFP/grant description is available to download.
  • Please contact Marlene Guay for questions or help with registration.

RFP Application Request

[1] Cooper, H.; Nye, B.; Charlton, K.; Lindsay, J.; and Greathouse, S. (1996). The effects of summer vacation on achievement test scores: A meta-analytic and narrative review. Review of Educational Research, 66.