Making a difference in Rhode Island

Like most people, you work hard for your money and are cautious about where it goes. Even so, you do know one thing for sure: you want to make a difference. Our Community Impact Fund may be exactly what you’re looking for. Why? Because 100% of your gift goes to help people here in Rhode Island.

100%, why is that such a big deal?Girl studying

Many nonprofits take a percentage of each donation they receive to pay for advertising and fundraising: 15%, 20%, even 35%.

Not the Community Impact Fund — 100% of your gift goes to support proven programs that make a lasting difference in the lives of Rhode Islanders.

We invest in the future of the Ocean State by investing in the people who live here. When you make a donation, you help fund innovative programs that prepare Rhode Islanders for the workforce — further laying the foundation for a stronger Rhode Island.

You deserve it

So yes, you’re cautious with your money — you have every right to be. After working hard for it, you deserve to know that your donation is being used to make a lasting difference, not pay a light bill.

United Way of Rhode Island’s Community Impact Fund is what you deserve — your entire donation going exactly where you intended… 100%, not a penny less.

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