Welcome to RIAN 

Rhode Island Afterschool Network (RIAN), formerly known as the Afterschool Leadership Circle (ALC), is a statewide network of Rhode Islanders who support quality afterschool and summer learning opportunities for young people.

As one of the 50 statewide afterschool networks supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, RIAN develops partnerships, informs policies, and shapes practices that sustain and increase the number of quality programs across Rhode Island.

Our members develop systems that foster positive academic outcomes for local youth, as well as support their social, emotional, and physical well-being.

What does RIAN do?
  • Works to ensure all Rhode Island children have access to quality afterschool and summer learning programs.
  • Encourages partnerships between schools and communities to ensure the social, emotional, and academic needs of children are met.
  • Raises awareness about the benefits of afterschool and summer learning.
  • Partners with local and state officials to implement policies that increase access to quality afterschool and summer programs.