A Single Goal

Women United members have a single goal: help Rhode Island children become better readers. Our members are passionate, committed, and supportive. We use our resources and expertise to make sure local children have the tools they need to succeed.

Membership List

Young Minds in Motion

In Fall 2015, the Women’s Leadership Council, now Women United, began a new initiative: Young Minds in Motion. This innovative approach to education gave children exciting, hands-on learning experiences. Since then, Young Minds in Motion has rapidly expanded.


  • Executive Committee

Chair: Petra Jenkins

In addition to providing the group's strategic direction and managing events, volunteer activities, and fundraising initiatives, the Executive Committee also works to ensure alignment with United Way of Rhode Island’s mission and strategic goals.

Membership is by invitation only. Members serve a two-year, renewable term, attend meetings, and serve on a subcommittee.

  • Membership Committee

Chair: Mary Kay Koreivo

The Membership Committee oversees the annual membership campaign, collaborates on membership focused activities, and welcomes new members.

  • Events Committee

Chair: Anne Ciresi

The Events Committee plans events and activities, supports membership goals, and works with United Way staff to manage the group's event calendar.

  • Volunteer Engagement Committee

Chair: Maryclaire Knight

The Volunteer Engagement Committee identifies volunteer opportunities that support strategic goals, as well as ensures members are educated about the mission.

Executive Committee

Petra Jenkins, General Mills — Chair

Margaret Lawlor Lamb, Bank of America — Vice Chair

Anne M. Ciresi, FM Global

Elizabeth I. Goodermote, Enterprise Holdings

Lisa Goodlin, Department of Human Services

Ann M. Goudreau, FM Global

Lisa Guillette, Foster Forward

Mary Kay Koreivo, Bank of America

Linda Lulli

Betsey A. Purinton, StrategicPoint Investment Advisors—Vice Chair

Nancy T. Serpa, Sensata Technologies

Pamela Wilde Stenberg, Centreville Bank

Melanie L. Waterman, FM Global

Join a committee

Are you a Women United member who's looking to get more involved? Join a committee; they meet bi-monthly and need volunteers. Contact Anita Oliver for more information.