Helping has never been so fun.

YLC's annual event, the Night is Young, raises money to help young Rhode Islanders participate in the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative. 

A Message From The Young Leaders Circle Chair.

As a member of United Way's Young Leaders Circle for the past six years, I’ve met many hardworking, inspirational, and philanthropic young people.

While millennials are sometimes stereotyped as lazy and entitled, here in Rhode Island I see a generation of young professionals navigating a set of growing challenges, including families going hungry, children falling behind in reading, and a higher level of poverty and homelessness than is found in neighboring states.

Our Young Leaders are at the forefront of solving the challenging issues Rhode Islanders face every day. It's through volunteerism that we help feed people, fundraising that we send children to summer learning programs, and engagement with community leaders that we promote meaningful change.

As the largest group of young professionals in Rhode Island, we have the ability, opportunity, and duty to make a lasting difference in people's lives. Join us.

Chris Hardy
Chair of the Young Leaders Circle

What to Expect
  • Helping change the lives of 250,000 Rhode Islanders
  • Developing your leadership abilities
  • Strengthening the community by volunteering
  • Meet new people and expand your network
  • Improve your professional skills
  • Have fun
Ready to Join Us?
  • Sign up now—There's no minimum gift required. You can also contact us directly.
  • YLC members who give between $500 and $999 will receive special recognition.

Jessica Lachey
Strategic Event Manager, Young Leaders Circle Manager