Helping has never been so fun.

YLC's annual event, the Night is Young, raises money to help young Rhode Islanders participate in the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative. 

A message from our Young Leaders Circle Chair.

Welcome to United Way of Rhode Island's Young Leaders Circle (YLC).

For over a decade, YLC has taken an active role in helping its members grow by offering professional development opportunities. These events provide them with the tools they need to succeed while encouraging them to network and build relationships with like-minded individuals.

YLC is a group of talented young professionals who want to make a difference in their communities. Last year, our annual Night is Young fundraiser helped 20 local children attend the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative (HSLI). Summer learning programs, such as HSLI, set young Rhode Islanders up for future academic success.

Join us for our next meeting or event; we'd love to have you.

Megan Lemoi
Chair of the Young Leaders Circle

What to Expect
  • Helping change the lives of 250,000 Rhode Islanders
  • Developing your leadership abilities
  • Strengthening the community by volunteering
  • Meet new people and expand your network
  • Improve your professional skills
  • Have fun
Ready to Join Us?
  • Sign up now—There's no minimum gift required. You can also contact us directly.
  • YLC members who give between $500 and $999 will receive special recognition.

Jessica Lachey
Strategic Event Manager, Young Leaders Circle Manager