Executive Committee Leadership

Chris Hardy — Chair
Jacquie Mazick — Vice Chair
Dariel Blanco — Engagement Chair
Jackie Young — Fundraising Chair
Win Gandy — Professional Development Chair

Executive Committee Membership

Chris Caccia
Lorie Chavez
Sid Plakkot

Executive Committee Information

The Executive Committee consists of members who serve in leadership roles. This team oversees the group's direction and strategy, offers feedback to subcommittee chairs, and meets with members to plan and execute activities.


  • Engagement Committee

Members work with United Way staff on volunteer and advocacy efforts. They manage the buddy list and personally welcome new members at meetings and events.

  • Fundraising Committee

Oversees two fundraising events with a strong emphasis on securing sponsorships and ticket sales. Committee members draft sponsorship packets, develop crowdfunding strategies, and participate in event planning.

  • Professional Development Committee

Offer members opportunities to develop their leadership skills and network. Their primary focus is Learn with Leaders, an event where community leaders speak to the group about relevant topics.

Committee Member Expectations

  • Serve a one-year term.
  • Attend Executive Committee meetings.
  • Join at least one subcommittee.
  • Promote YLC to your own networks.
  • Encourage others to attend events.
Committee Benefits

  • Influence the direction of YLC.
  • Develop your leadership skills.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Impact the community.
  • Receive select United Way invitations.

Members are encouraged to join. Please contact YLC to learn more.